SizeGenetics: The Best Daytime Penis Extender On The Market.

Hello Everyone, 

Ray Kingsman here from Success Rebellion. I am here to talk to you about another male enhancement device that I have gotten great results from and that is comfortable to use. 

So I came across the device on the web about 2 years ago. I heard about it on a creepy forum and everyone had great things to say about SizeGenetics Penis Extender

So I thought I would give it a try and see what happens to penis length. I know it cannot be worse than my bandage extender so I guess my expectations were pretty low.

It was expensive but I just saved up for it over a couple months while I continued to use my bandage extender. 

When I finally got it in, I read the directions and assembled the device. This device is meant to increase unrest penis length and give that "hung" look that women love so much. 

When I got the device together, my penis was just long enough to use the lowest setting. Thank God. 

For the first week, I wore the extender for two hours after using Bathmate and doing jelqing exercises. This was to keep my dick from turtling up after these exercises. 

This was happening to me frequently. It was one of the most annoying things ever. 

Anyway, after 3 months of consistent use and upping the hours I had my SizeGenetics extender flaccid length had grown by almost an inch. 

I could not believe it. That is a crazy increase in a short amount of time. I had used Bathmate for almost a year up until that point and I only had 0.5 inch increase in my flaccid.

I was quite happy with my results. I think you would be too if you gave it a try. This is this a comfortable device that you can wear pretty much anywhere too.

It will not pop out of your pants or anything like that. No need to worry about stuff like that. This extender is pretty discrete and will not draw attention. Great for daytime use. 

For nighttime use, I would recommend Phallosan Forte because it is easier and more comfortable to sleep with. 

I think you guys will really like SizeGenetics Penis Extender. Let know what you think over at Success Rebellion. Talk to you guys later. 


Ray Kingsman 

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