Penomet Review

Hello Everyone, 

​Ray Kingsman here from Success Rebellion. I wanted to talk about another great male enhancement product. One that is almost as good as Bathmate. It is another penis pump that has been around for awhile now. It is called Penomet hydropump. 

This pump works in a very similar fashion to Bathmate. It used water pressure to create a compression atmosphere inside the tube. This exhausts the penile tissue. This will cause the penile tissue to expand and lengthen permanently over time. 

Like Bathmate, you only need to use it 3-4 a week for 15 - 20 minutes at time. I used it for eight weeks and grow 0.5 inches in erect length. That is pretty good. 

The pump is comfortable ti use and does not cause any type swelling or blisters on the dick. As long as it is not misused, you do not have to worry about hurting or injuring yourself. 

This pump is also fun to use as well. It gives your dick an insane pump after you use it. Do not be surprised to see your dick is like a little bit bigger after use. 

I will probably need an extender to keep your dick from turtling and losing size after a couple hours. Either way, you should be good to go immediately after ordering it. 

The pumps come in "one size fits all" package. So you do not need to worry about having to buy a new pump once you get bigger in size. That will never an issue. That is one clear distinction from Bathmate.

With Bathmate, you will need to buy new pumps as you grow in size. Although the newer Bathmate might be slightly better than Penomet, Penomet can be slightly cheaper and great for beginners. 

Check out my full Penomet Review here

Thanks guys. 

Ray Kingsman

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